Sunday, October 25, 2009

It's getting hard


  1. We were drawn to your music and couldn't help but come talk to you from across the street.
    We listened to your CD as soon as we got back.
    The songs are all wonderful by the way.

  2. Today I dropped a toonie in your tin dish while you were playing on Granville St. I walked a few steps as you were starting another song. I stopped heading for my destination and eventually sat down to listen to you. Then I bought your CD. I'm on my 3rd straight-through listening of it tonight. Absolutely wonderful!

    André, you are a gifted man. I look forward to spreading the word about André Girard.

    Namasté André.

  3. Brenda who commented before me shared the link to your blog with me. Wow! She's right, your music and voice are wonderful! Good luck to you Andre! Listening to you here in West Virginia.