Sunday, October 25, 2009

Golden voice


  1. Hi i am from Ingushetija, you Probley dont know wehere it is^^ but i am tuched by your voice and guitar playing. i hope you will do well Andre. -
    i will try my best posting your link and videos so that the world will se you somehow :) and i wanna talk to mike ;)

  2. I meet André this afternoon in Vancouver, I need just 3 seconds after heard is voice to understand that I need to stop and take a CD to listen more and again when I'll back Italy at the end of the Olympics. But, I've had the occasion to take a picture, and.. well, it don't seems to be bad... so, here it is:

  3. Hey Andre, used to come by and watch you outside Granville skytrain all the time, hope you're doing well man! Keep up the awesome music.

    love that song "Getting harder everyday"

    Also, get someone to hook up a donate button onto your site, and maybe some online .mp3s.

    keep it up.

  4. Id never told you before how much I love your music, its no exaggeration for me to say in my mind you are equal to the likes of Gordon Lightfoot, or Jim Croce. I absolutely feel that you are the soul of this city and its great news that you are performing once more, If I ever manage to find you again you are getting a big stack of bills from me!

  5. Daily Cartoon had a pretty good suggestion there, Its pretty easy to set up a Paypal account