Thursday, November 3, 2011


This is Mike, I helped Andre with this blog. That's it, folks. I'm sorry.


  1. Hi Mike..

    Very sad to know this. t's so radical that after many many months I looked him up yesterday on Youtube, saw some new videos, video where he talked about getting a new Guitar from a kind stranger after his was stolen.

    Do you know any more details?

  2. I interviewed Andre a couple of years ago - there's a link to that here:

    Also very sorry to hear that he's passed on; I liked him a lot, based on what little I knew, and his music was very powerful (I thought Billy Joel's "Piano Man" was a song that had emptied out of all emotional content for me, become kitsch forevermore, until I heard Andre sing it). Someone from his past had been trying to get in touch with him, and tracked me down via my blog awhile back; just thought I'd mention that I did pass on the contact information I was given, and that Andre was obviously moved by the attempt to mend bridges. I don't know if he followed up on that - it was the last time I saw him, when I gave him the number to call... but for whatever it's worth, if that person sees this, it did mean something to him...

  3. Andre worked so hard, every single day to make a living, no matter how sick he got he was out there with his guitar singing for everyone. I remember once talking to him, he had called himself a "bum", wish I had known what to say at the time, and I regret that its too late to tell him in person, but he was never a bum, Andre worked for a living. He brought joy to thousands if not millions over the years with his music, with the skills that took a lifetime to perfect.
    I wish I could tell him now, that I never gave him a dime out of pity, but out of respect for his art for the incalculable contribution he made to the culture of our city.
    Well miss you Andre!

    Thank you for maintaining this blog Mike.

  4. Andre was my mentor, my idol, he took me under his wing when i was 15, taught me the ropes of playing on the streets, him and i were the two most successful musicians on Granville. He had a heart of gold. If you happen to see the video Andre The Gypsy In Me, I'm the guy in the middle of the video with the bandanna... What a good guy he was. R.I.P. Andre Girard.

  5. you certainly did a great job. he did mention this blog when i met him and took a photo of him once. i hope his family knew of his death when it happened..

  6. :( i-i...i never knew this...or i didnt notice this first...i was touched by his video about his new guitar first...that was what i checked out first...But despite that...i bet he's with God now :) and he's entertaining everybody in heaven with his music :) Hope you have a great time up there in heaven Andre! :D

  7. I wish i could buy or download his awesome music.

    1. Download his album here, then go outside and give somebody $5.!E5kjDJRJ!0yrQTVXhKkPNnUz1E0lnwa1rZidTHUwUomXEUdjNi3Q

  8. Andre's music is available on Grooveshark for everyone to hear and remember him. I think he'd like that...!/andgir

  9. Mike, thank you for your time and effort in getting André's music onto the internet. This was a really kind thing you did for a man that so many people would've just walked on past - you obviously didn't do that. I sure do hope that he's living a much better life on the other side than what he endured on the streets of Vancouver. Andreé's music was a real gift to the public. I am grateful to have his CD. RIP André Girard, RIP.